Poland, land of apples

What Poland do you associate with? With Lech Walesa? With Kazimierz Pułaski

Did you know that the country, that gave the world these two personalities, is also one of the largest producers of apples in the world? The annual apple harvest is over 3,5 million tons. Our company is located In the Sandomierz region of south-east Poland. This region is one of the most charming regions in Poland, and It is inseparably related to growing delicious apples along with othe fruits and vegetables.

The Sandomierz region is one of Poland’s biggest producers and exporters of Polish apples, mainly to Eastern European markets. Polish apples are recognized in many countries, generally due to their exceptional taste values. Biggest impact on the success of these gardens and orchards was our special micro-climate at the border between the highlands and the Sandomierz valley. This region have been taking advantage of the biggest value of this region – fertile soil - which, combined with the micro-climate, allowed them to cultivate their gardens and orchards which serve as the foundations for the local social and economic life.

The Sandomierz region consists of nine communes of 676 km2 in total area. The majority of land in this area is used for agriculture. More than 25 thousand acres are dedicated to orchards, and about 22 thousand acres – for vegetable production. The remaining area is dedicated to growing crops.

When it comes to the orchards of Sandomierz, they largely consist of apple trees. Every year, depending on the size of crops, 850 to 950 thousand tons of apples are collected. After apples, the next most popular tree are cherry trees – which produces approximately 52 to 70 thousand tons of fruit, in total. Remaining fruit production encompasses apricots, plums, pears, and peaches. Production of vegetables is carried out on nearly 10 thousand hectares, whereas the dominating vegetable is tomato as well as high quality cabbage, cauliflower, onion and carrot. The products the land has to offer come from field crops and greenhouse plantations.


All dessert products from the Sandomierz region are appreciated by their consumers. The products which do not observe the highest quality standards e.g. of size, color, are further processed.